Doctronic AI Medical Health Assistant

Hi, I'm Doctronic!

I'm your personal and private AI-powered health assistant. I can help you with many of your daily tasks. I am excellent at synthesizing data, drafting notes, and creating understandable summaries for your patients.

All you need to do is input an outline of your data such as an HPI, previous medical history, labs, or any other text data, and I can generate polished, professional, and empathetic notes or summaries. I can even help generate differentials and plans for you to review.
I know a lot about medicine, but I sometimes make mistakes, so you should always double check my work. If you want me to fix a mistake or change something you can just ask me, but please be specific.
This AI chat functionality is designed for healthcare providers, so before we begin please verify that you fit that description.
Great! Lets begin. How would you like me to help you today? I can Generate a Note (a SOAP note, H&P, or Consult note), Write a Patient Summary based on an existing note, Compose an Email to a colleague.
Would you like to start using Doctronic at your practice or health facility as part of your EHR?
We are enrolling facilities use both our patient facing and provider facing platforms.
If you are interested in participating in our closed beta testing, please contact us to discuss the details: