Doctronic AI Medical Health Assistant

Hi, I'm Doctronic!

I'm your private and personal AI-powered health assistant. We can chat to help you better understand your health. We can discuss anything related to your physical well-being, and I will help you be better prepared for your next doctor's visit!

My answers are not always correct, so you must always follow up with your doctor.
If this is an emergency call 911 or your local emergency number.
I need to know your age and biological sex to get started.
Thanks! Now, would you like me to ask you a series of detailed questions in order to explore a health issue or symptom? Or would you like to ask me one quick medical question which I will answer? Either way I will provide you with some (hopefully) useful information that you can discuss with your doctor.
I'd like to explore a health issue or symptom.
I'd like to ask a single quick question.
Well then, let's begin. Let's begin. What is bothering you? What is your question?
Thanks for using Doctronic! Remember, you should copy your summary and discuss this with your doctor! Hopefully we've given you some useful information to help your conversation with your doctor go more smoothly.
Doctronic is not a doctor, does not provide medical advice, and may be incorrect. You must always follow up with a real doctor. Doctronic is not responsible for any harm that may come to you as a result of using this service. Doctronic is software used to generate human-like responses in natural language, but it is still a statistically driven response. It is intended to help you frame a discussion with a doctor and other medical professionals about your condition. It is not intended to provide you with a treatment plan and must not be used as such.
You may safely close this window or erase this chat and start a new chat.
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