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Updated: July 2024

Doctronic Resource Center

How do I use Doctronic?

Doctronic is designed to be user-friendly. Simply enter your medical inquiry in our chat and our AI will generate a response based on its vast medical knowledge. The more specific your information, the more tailored the response. "Ask One Quick Question" gives you the opportunity to rapidly get an answer to one question only. Using the "Explore a Health Issue" option will let you chat with an AI that will ask you many questions to help discover the nature of your issue, and provide a report for you to use in your conversation with a doctor.

What are the steps to get to the AI health assistant?

From our landing page, you'll have to enter your age and biological sex. This is to help in providing more tailored health advice. You'll then have the option to select one of two distinct options: "Ask One Quick Question" or "Explore a Health Issue"

What does the "Ask One Quick Question" option do?

"Ask One Quick Question" option is designed to quickly answer specific inquiries. Without any additional input, you'll be able to ask one question to our AI health assistant, after which the chat will end. You may then take this output to discuss with a doctor.

How does the "Explore a Health Issue" function work?

"Explore a Health Issue" is a much longer and more formal process. Our AI will help form a differential discovery for a health issue you are facing. A differential discovery is a list of a number of possible causes and not a definitive answer. Doctronic will then formulate possible plans of action to evaluate the differential while also developing a care algorithm for each possible cause. You would then take this output and discuss it with a doctor.

Why does "Explore a Health Issue" ask so many questions?

To provide personalized responses Doctronic gathers your complete medical history in this version of the chat. By their nature AIs will often arrive at answers prematurely if they are not instructed properly. In much the same way doctors develop more accurate treatment plans after taking a full history and physical, Doctronic provides more consistent and accurate care plans when a full history is completed. While a physical exam is not possible, Doctronic asks you to self-report many of these findings as well.

How do I store my conversations or the answers to my questions?

At the end of each chat, you are presented with a link to copy your summary. Using that link will copy your summary information to your device's clipboard. From there you can save it to discuss with a doctor any way you wish. There is no option to save information otherwise as Doctronic is anonymous.

How does Doctronic summarize information?

Doctronic summarizes information into SOAP notes. These notes are the traditional mechanism through which healthcare providers document interactions with patients and provide a common framework for you and a doctor to discuss any information obtained through Doctronic.

Can I summarize information in a different format?

Not currently, but we are working on developing other formats including traditional H&P notes as well as letters and emails to healthcare providers.

Can I save my chats or create a profile to save my information?

Not currently. To ensure your data remains protected we designed Doctronic to be completely anonymous. You may have noticed no information that could be used to personally identify you is requested.

Is Doctronic free to use?

Yes, Doctronic is a free platform.

Can I access Doctronic on my mobile device?

Yes, Doctronic is a web-based platform, so it's accessible on any device with internet access, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Is there an App?

Our app is coming soon. Please sign up for email updates.

Can I use Doctronic to communicate with my doctor?

Absolutely! Our AI-powered personal health assistant is specifically designed to aid communication between doctors and patients. It can help facilitate the sharing of relevant information, prompt discussions resource-center symptoms, care options, and other health-related concerns. We currently provide a method to copy your communications with Doctronic into a SOAP note. These notes are the traditional mechanism through which healthcare providers document interactions with patients and provide a common framework for you and a doctor to discuss any information obtained through Doctronic.

Can Doctronic diagnose diseases?

No. Our personal health assistant can provide you with information related to disease diagnosis provided by a doctor. It cannot replace a medical professional's expertise. Our assistant can also offer insights based on probabilities, but it will not provide a diagnosis. It is designed to provide probability of health possibilities to leverage the key attributes of generative AI and will not provide any diagnosis at all.

Is Doctronic suitable for emergencies?

No. Doctronic is designed to provide guidance and information resource-center health concerns, but it doesn't replace emergency medical attention. In case of a medical emergency, please contact your local medical emergency services or call 911.

Can Doctronic prescribe medication?

No, the Doctronic personal health assistant cannot prescribe medication.

Do you work with hospitals and doctors' offices?

Yes, Doctronic can be used in healthcare settings. We are adding locations for beta testing. If you are a healthcare provider or a hospital administrator interested in being one of our beta-test sites, please reach out to us to discuss.

Why do you have the "Ask One Quick Question" chat?

Sometimes the simplest process is best. This is the easiest way to quickly get an answer to one question.
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Doctronic Concierge

What is Doctronic Concierge?

Doctronic Concierge is a personalized health specific AI agent. It is an intelligent computer system designed specifically for you that focuses on your health-related issues.

How does Doctronic Concierge work?

Doctronic Concierge compiles your health information from your chat interactions and creates unique medical history for you. This unique medical history allows for personalized information and health recommendations. The more open you are with Doctronic Concierge, the more personalized the responses.

Why should I use Doctronic Concierge over the anonymous version?

Doctronic Concierge gives you a personalized experience by saving your health information into your user account. It also allows you to continue previous conversations and tracks your health over time offering suggestions. You are welcome to continue to use the anonymous version, however as this has "no memory" and thus cannot continue conversations or be personalized in any way.
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What makes Doctronic Concierge special?

The two key features of Doctronic Concierge are memory and learning. Our AI can develop a long-term understanding of your health history via our specialized AI memory, which in turn will provide you with personalized information based our AI learning from this memory.

What types of things can Doctronic Concierge remember?

Doctronic Concierge remembers your interactions, but focuses on items related to your health. This includes things like chronic health conditions such as hypertension, or medications you currently or previously used. It also remembers more general items related to your health like diet and exercise habits.

How is Doctronic Concierge personalized?

Doctronic Concierge learns and remember your health history to customize information just for you. The more you use Doctronic Concierge the more it learns about you and the more personalized the responses.

How does it work?

It works in a similar way to our anonymous Doctronic chat. Whenever you have a health concern you can just ask Doctronic Concierge and receive personalized responses. However, with Doctronic Concierge, when you are signed in with your user account, your responses will be remembered, and used along with your previous discussions to give you a more accurate and tailored personal experience.

How much does Doctronic Concierge cost?

On launch our service will cost $7/month. In the future we may increase the price, but users will generally be grandfathered into their signup prices for 1 year, so sign up quickly to ensure you are locked into our starting rates.

Can I cancel anytime?

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Concierge Use and Onboarding

How does the onboarding process work?

When you sign up for Doctronic Concierge you will be asked a number of health-related questions to build a medical history, or you can just start by going through a new detailed chat. Our AI then synthesizes your health data to create a living record of your health. Each time you come back to Doctronic Concierge it will remember your past interactions.

Is there a limit to how much I can use Doctronic Concierge?

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Can I give Doctronic Concierge outside medical records?

This feature will be added shortly after launch.

Will Doctronic Concierge store my chats, chat summaries and SOAP notes?

Yes, and they will be available for you to access anytime.

Can Doctronic Concierge replace my doctor?

No. It does not provide medical advice, but it can help you understand and navigate your health concerns and more effectively communicate with your doctor.

Do you save any of my medical or health related information with 3rd parties?

No, never.

Do you sell my data in an anonymized form?

No, never.

Do you store my information?

Yes, your data is stored securely and encrypted in our computer servers. This is the only way to create a personalized account.

Is my data encrypted?


Can I delete my data?

Yes. You can remove your data from our system as needed. You may also email us any time to fully close your account.
Doctronic must be used with your healthcare professional

Data Security and Personal Information

Is the health information I share with Doctronic secure?

Yes! Doctronic is anonymous, no personal information is collected. Once your interaction with Doctronic is complete and you close your browser, your session is over.

Does Doctronic store my personally identifiable information?

Doctronic does not ask for any personally identifiable information. The site is designed to function anonymously. We do store your chat information, but it is in no way linked to you personally.

Does Doctronic use my personal data to generate answers?

Yes, the system responds to your answers and utilizes all the information provided to generate responses.
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AI, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models in Doctronic and Medicine

What is Doctronic?

Doctronic is a sophisticated AI-driven platform that allows users to ask medical questions and receive fluent and accurate responses. It leverages the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and other generative AI tools to provide answers based on probability. It can also summarize all information into a format that can be used to communicate effectively with a doctor.

How does Doctronic's AI-powered personal health assistant work?

Our personal health assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is designed to gather, analyze, and synthesize medical data provided by users, using the same techniques and tools utilized by practicing doctors. This AI Health Assistant then condenses this information into a succinct health overview that is uniquely yours. Leveraging these health summaries, it can address detailed inquiries related to your health. This includes, but isn't limited to, personalized information regarding disease descriptions, health management options, and prognostic details. To achieve this, it interacts with LLMs that have been programmed to respond to specific medical queries. Part of the process includes providing supporting data for the information given.

What is AI, and how does it benefit me?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are designed to learn and mimic human actions. In the context of our personal health assistant, AI enables us to offer a more efficient and accessible way for you to gather information resource-center your health. By utilizing AI, we can provide you with evidence-based insights and empower you to have informed discussions regarding your well-being with your healthcare provider.

What's the role of AI in Doctronic?

Doctronic employs AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLM) and other generative AI tools, to provide fluent and accurate responses to medical questions asked by users. Our system leverages AI to analyze a vast amount of medical knowledge and, based on probability, generate the most coherent and relevant response.

What is the difference between Machine Learning and AI?

Machine Learning is a subset of AI that allows a system to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

What are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

LLMs are AI systems that are trained on a vast amount of text data. They are designed to generate human-like text based on the input they receive. In Doctronic, we leverage multiple versions of these models to generate responses to medical questions.

What's the difference between predictive and generative AI?

Predictive AI uses historical data to make predictions resource-center future outcomes. It requires a specific output variable which it seeks to predict based on other input variables. On the other hand, generative AI doesn't just predict - it understands and recreates complex patterns. In Doctronic, we use generative AI to not just predict but to create fluent, coherent, and detailed responses to medical inquiries.

What is the stochastic nature of generative AI?

Stochasticity in generative AI refers to the randomness incorporated in the AI's decision-making process. Generative models, like LLMs, often produce different outputs given the same input, because they are designed to capture and reflect the natural variability in the data they've been trained on. For Doctronic, this means the AI may respond differently to the same medical question, depending on the context and the specifics of the inquiry.

How reliable are the responses from Doctronic?

While Doctronic provides well-informed medical responses, it's essential to note that it's not a replacement for professional medical advice. The responses are statistically generated based on the data the AI has been trained on, and while we strive for accuracy, there can be exceptions due to the inherent variability and limitations in the AI's learning. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical advice. We do audit the system to ensure the system is meeting internal standards of accuracy and in order to improve the AI itself. In our experience the system reliably and consistently provides information that can be verified from trusted sources including high quality peer reviewed journals.
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AI Applications in Medicine

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is a medical model that tailors healthcare, with decisions and care or treatment plans, to the individual patient based on their predicted response or risk of disease. It involves the systematic use of individual patient data derived from their genetic makeup or molecular profiling to select or optimize patient's preventative care or therapy. Technology, like genetic sequencing and medical imaging, and databases of health records, are used to determine individual biological characteristics and create personalized care or treatment plans. AI-powered personalized medicine is the future of patient-centered healthcare. It involves the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector to analyze a person's genes, environment, and lifestyle to provide individualized care or treatment plans. Big data in healthcare, including health records and genomics data, are used by AI-powered diagnostics and AI-powered drug discovery systems to identify the precise care needed for each person. This approach is leading to a new era of AI-driven healthcare, focusing on disease prevention and early intervention.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring allows healthcare providers to monitor their patients from afar. AI-powered patient monitoring devices, including AI-powered wearable devices, can collect and transmit data related to a patient's vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. AI-powered telemedicine platforms then analyze this data, alerting healthcare providers if any abnormal patterns are detected. These technologies are not only improving outcomes-based healthcare but also making healthcare more convenient and accessible for patients, particularly those managing chronic conditions.

Diagnostics and Disease Detection

AI-powered diagnostics helping in the early detection of diseases. AI-powered diagnostics leverage artificial intelligence in healthcare to improve the early detection of diseases. These diagnostics can interpret images, recognizing patterns in big health data, and even predicting the likelihood of certain diseases in patients. AI-healthcare technology, like the Internet of Things in healthcare, collects and analyzes data from a diverse range of sources, enabling healthcare professionals to detect diseases at an early stage, when they are most treatable. This AI-enabled healthcare approach contributes to preventative healthcare, improving patient outcomes and making healthcare more affordable.

Big Data

Big data in healthcare is crucial for AI-driven healthcare systems. These vast amounts of data enable AI-enabled healthcare systems to learn and adapt, improving AI-powered chronic care management, AI-powered remote patient monitoring, and AI-powered medicine. Health data analytics play a vital role in enhancing diagnostics, treatment plans, and patient outcomes while driving preventative healthcare measures.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality in healthcare are being utilized extensively in AI-powered surgery and AI-powered telemedicine. These technologies allow surgeons to plan and practice complex procedures, and help patients understand their conditions and care options better. Additionally, they can provide immersive training for medical professionals and enhance patient-centered healthcare experiences.

Affordability and Convenience in Healthcare

AI can greatly improve both the affordability and convenience of healthcare. AI-powered medicine and telehealth services can reduce the need for in-person appointments, making it easier for patients to get same-day care or book an appointment online. At the same time, AI-powered health discovery and care options can lead to more accurate and cost-effective healthcare solutions. Lastly, AI can help manage chronic conditions more efficiently, potentially reducing long-term healthcare costs for patients.

Future Opportunities

The future of AI healthcare looks promising with the continuous advancement of technologies like AI-powered wearable devices, 3D printing in healthcare, and Internet of Things in healthcare. The rise of AI-powered virtual assistants and improvements in remote patient monitoring app capabilities hint towards a more connected healthcare system. Furthermore, progressive applications like AI-powered clinical trials and AI-powered drug discovery are set to transform the healthcare landscape.
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